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The 2017 air show season is upon us. Millions of spectators will visit more than 300 air shows across North America from March through October, a multi-sensory, cross-generational entertainment experience that is unlike anything else in the communities they visit. Use this site as a resource for information and updates related to the 2017 air show season: News releases, performer biographies, b-roll video, high-quality photography, and connections to individual air shows.

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The International Council of Airshows calendar of events.

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The International Council of Air Shows

ICAS is the hub of the air show industry, a centralized network that allows air shows and performers to work together and in tandem with military/governmental authorities to establish and enforce standards that truly define the business. These standards are imbedded in virtually every program and service the organization provides to members, from the ICAS Safety Creed to the ICAS Air Show Manual, from the ICAS-administered Aerobatic Competency Evaluation Program to the organization’s strict Principles of Conduct and Professional Ethics.
The International Council of Air Shows
The International Council of Air Shows2 days ago

Author, professional communicator and GA pilot Peter Shurman will address the opportunities and challenges associated with attracting Millennials to air shows during a fast-paced, information-packed general session on the morning of Wednesday, December 6 during the 50th Annual ICAS Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After decades of appealing principally to Greatest Generation and Baby Boom customers, the air show community will increasingly be challenged by the necessity of attracting a new generation of spectators who have never considered airplanes to be exotic or mysterious.

In this session, Shurman will discuss the changes required to appeal to and accommodate a new group of customers who might not be as interested in buying hot dogs and hamburgers and might be interested in sushi and vegan options. The session will also discuss the changes in programming and marketing required to attract adults between the ages of 18 and 40, many of who are more likely to be motivated by an on-site promotion or recommendation from a friend than a television commercial that runs during local news coverage.

Shurman, who has studied and written extensively about Millennials, will share what he has learned and how it is likely to impact air shows during both the short- and long-term.
The International Council of Air Shows
The International Council of Air Shows added 3 new photos.3 days ago

On Tuesday, December 5, ICAS Convention delegates will welcome Chad Hennings as the the keynote speaker at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

Following a career that included 45 combat missions as a United States Air Force A-10 pilot and three Super Bowl championships as a defensive tackle with the Dallas Cowboys, Hennings is uniquely qualified to bring his message of “Living Excellence" to the 2017 ICAS Convention.

He is also well-positioned to understand the unique role that air shows play in motivating and inspiring the 12 million people who attend our events each year in North America. During his fast-paced presentation, he will share insights from his experiences as one of the nation’s most decorated college football players as a cadet at the Air Force Academy, Air Force fighter pilot, and professional athlete.

He will explain how he has lived that message of excellence throughout his military, athletic and business careers, and how it has impacted his family life, as well.

And he will discuss how the entire air show community is positioned not just to live excellence as a lifestyle, but to communicate this message to air show audiences throughout the United States and Canada.

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